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Production of fasteners

  ONE. Screws: Heading machine + Line Rolling Machine; There can be a die with two punches, a couple die four punches, three die three punches, four die four punches, personal trainer die five punches, six die six punches, And each type is additionally divided into a series according to size, such as a type of two impulses are separated into: 0 Colorful Sand Roofing Tile unit, half machine, two moments, two and a one half machines, three minutes and so forth;

  2. Nuts: Nut chilly heading machine + tapping device;

  3, gaskets: punch;

  4, teeth: thread rolling unit;

  5, sales: lathe + milling appliance + grinder;

  6, resorting parts categories: automatic lathes; CNC lathes;

  Fasteners is often divided into processing solutions

  Hot forging and cold forging which is hot pier and frosty pier

  Through cold steering (cold forging) test tested:

  General requirements for the material being made of hexagon Metal Tile bolts really should be at least 1/20 (1 specimen height) test. The cold deflection, hexagonal screw, and flange bolts should be guaranteed to pass this deflection test 11311.

  Demands for cold and warm process materials:

  The frigid pier technology requires low material hardness and good plasticity, which facilitates the plastic deformation in the cold pier during building and reeling. Medium co2 steel or low co2, medium carbon alloy steel to become annealed, after annealing hardness

  The enthalpy process requires a better appearance of the fabric. Heating temperature can not really be overheated, otherwise the generated oxide skin directly affects the merchandise appearance quality.

  Fastener processing

  Disk element-annealing-pickling-drawing-head-toothing-heat treatment-plating-packaging This can be a complete process of bolting.

  Pan Yuan: refers to the particular wire you bought

  Annealing: comes from increase the hardness of the wire itself. #

  Pickling: It is to wash off the rust, impurities, etc. within the wire surface.

  Drawing collection: refers to the diameter required to pull the wire to your production bolt

  Beginning: It can be the head of the bolt that may be extruded by cold steering. (If the bolt is M20 or higher, it needs to always be reddish, that is, it must be heated before hitting the head, but the surface on the bolt is not very beautiful due to the scale)

  Teeth: Refers towards the required pitch and design.

  Heat treatment: This process is more crucial for you to determine the performance level of the bolt

  Plating: The surface is processed into the desired surface color

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