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General familiarity with fasteners

dodano: 4 kwietnia, 04:10 przez fkgjfhjt

  General familiarity with fasteners: Checking the thread elements of triangular screws

  For any thread of the triangular screw included in the fastener, the three elements in the tooth profile, diameter as well as pitch are all common threads. The tolerances and thread marks in the standard thread have been recently standardized, and the threads are standardized. And rotation direction, if not specified, this can be a single line right-handed. If you wish to make the internal as well as external threads screw together correctly to make a thread pair, then the internal and external threads must have the same profile, size, direction of rotation, availablility of threads, and pitch.

  The primary elements of the thread from the triangular screw are the following five types:

  special part fastener

  1, teeth type

  In the section from the thread axis, the outline shape of the thread is known as a tooth profile. The angle between a pair of adjacent flank faces is known as the angle of the Oil gas fastener tooth. The common thread carries a triangular shape and a new tooth angle of 60°.

  TWO, diameter

  Diameter threads have large diameter, medium size, and small diameter. The nominal diameter is required when the thread is usually expressed, and the nominal diameter is a diameter that represents the actual thread size. The nominal diameter on the common thread is a sizable diameter.

  3, rotation

  Looking toward the axis, the clockwise twisting thread becomes a right-handed line, and the counter-clockwise rotating thread is labelled as a left-handed thread.

  5, the number of wrinkles

  The number of threads forming a thread is called the amount of threads. There are single- plus multi-thread threads, and the multi-thread post are evenly distributed inside the section perpendicular to the particular axis.

  5, pitch

  The distance between two adjacent teeth in the middle diameter line corresponding to help two axial points is termed the pitch. On exactly the same spiral, the distance between two adjacent teeth within the middle diameter line communicating to two axial points is named the lead.

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